What is upwind?

  • (adj): Towards the side exposed to wind.
    Synonyms: weather
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Upwind Scheme
... In computational fluid dynamics, upwind schemes denote a class of numerical discretization methods for solving hyperbolic partial differential equations ... Upwind schemes use an adaptive or solution-sensitive finite difference stencil to numerically simulate the direction of propagation of information in a flow field ... The upwind schemes attempt to discretize hyperbolic partial differential equations by using differencing biased in the direction determined by the sign of ...
Lake Effect Blizzard - Formation - Upwind Lakes
... Any large body of water upwind will impact lake-effect precipitation to the lee of a downwind lake by adding moisture or pre-existing lake-effect bands, which can re-intensify over the downwind lake ... Upwind lakes do not always lead to an increase of precipitation downwind ...
Motion - Back-building Thunderstorm
... A back building thunderstorm is a thunderstorm in which new development takes place on the upwind side (usually the west or southwest side in the Northern Hemisphere), such that the ... Though the storm often appears stationary on radar, or even moving upwind, this is an illusion ... really a multi-cell storm with new, more vigorous cells that form on the upwind side, replacing older cells that continue to drift downwind ...
Crosswind Landing - Techniques - Crab
... touchdown the airplane tracks towards the upwind edge of the runway while de-crabbing to align with the runway ... Immediate upwind aileron is needed to ensure the wings remain level while rudder is needed to track center line ... However, proper rudder and upwind aileron must be applied after touchdown to ensure directional control is maintained ...
First-order Upwind Scheme
... The simplest upwind scheme possible is the first-order upwind scheme ... form as Equation (3) is a general way of writing any upwind-type schemes ... The upwind scheme is stable if the following Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy condition (CFL) condition is satisfied A Taylor series analysis of the upwind scheme discussed ...

More definitions of "upwind":

  • (adv): Toward the wind.
    Synonyms: leeward