What is upstream?

  • (adv): Toward the source or against the current.
    Synonyms: upriver
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Upstream is the opposite of downstream. It may also refer to:

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Taping River - Flora and Fauna
... sightings in the deep pool area at the confluence of the Taping and the Irrawaddy, and up to 36 km upstream to Sinkan at the upstream end of the second defile of the Irrawaddy ... Dam building upstream along the Taping is causing concerns as the reduced flow during the dry season could lead to loss of habitat and decline in their numbers ...
Lake Effect Blizzard - Formation - Upstream Moisture
... A lower upstream relative humidity will make it more difficult and time consuming for lake effect condensation, clouds and precipitation to form ... The opposite is true if the upstream moisture has a high relative humidity, allowing lake effect condensation, cloud and precipitation to form more readily and in a greater quantity ...
... for the following sections of the Gwda Downstream from Koszalin Province boundary and upstream from road bridge in Ledyczek excluding reservoir between Wegorzewo and Lomczewo ... Downstream from road bridge in Ledyczek and upstream from Podgaje Reservoir ... Downstream from dam in Tarnowka and upstream from road bridge in Krepsko ...
Seohocheon - Gallery
... Looking upstream along the upper reaches Looking downstream along the upper reaches Looking upstream towards the upper reaches Looking upstream from ...
Upstream - Other
... Upstream (oil industry) Upstream (mobile marketing). ...

More definitions of "upstream":

  • (adj): In the direction against a stream's current.
  • (adv): Against the current.
    Example: "He swam upstream"