What is unstructured?

  • (adj): Lacking definite structure or organization.
    Example: "An unstructured situation with no one in authority"; "a neighborhood gang with a relatively unstructured system"; "children in an unstructured environment often feel insecure"; "unstructured inkblots"
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Some articles on unstructured:

IBM Web Fountain
... WebFountain is an Internet analytical engine implemented by IBM for the study of unstructured data on the World Wide Web ... that collect, store and analyze massive amounts of unstructured and semi-structured text ... one of the first comprehensive attempts to catalog and interpret the unstructured data of the Web in a continuous fashion ...
Knowledge Discovery - Extraction From Natural Language Sources
... contained in business documents, even about 80%, is encoded in natural language and therefore unstructured ... Because unstructured data are rather badly suited to extract knowledge from it, it is necessary to apply more complex methods, which nevertheless generally supply worse results, than it would be possible ... sources are understood as sources of information, where the data are given in an unstructured fashion as plain text ...
... expressed as latitude-longitude) to textual words and phrases that occur in unstructured content, such as "twenty miles north east of Jalalabad" ... of the geographic coordinates derived from unstructured content are to plot portions of the content on maps and to search the content using a map as a filter ... Geoparsing handles ambiguous references in unstructured discourse, such as "Al Hamra," which is the name of several places, including towns in both Syria and Yemen ...
... Stannins are small proteins that consist of a single transmembrane helix, an unstructured linker domain, and a cytoplasmic domain ... contains a conserved cysteine residue (Cys32) that, together with Cys34 found in the stannin unstructured linker domain, constitutes the putative trimethyltin-binding ... The unstructured protein region connects two adjacent helical domains ...
Unstructured Interview
... Unstructured Interviews is when the format and questions asked are left to the discretion of the interviewer ... An unstructured interview is sometimes more than a little conversation and it is used often by employing organization ... Unstructured interviews are lack of the following Lacks advance planning Lack of consistency in assessing candidates Lack of reliability and validity A classic study on unstructured ...

More definitions of "unstructured":

  • (adj): Lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies.
    Synonyms: amorphous