What is trigger?

Some articles on trigger:

Accu Trigger
... The AccuTrigger is a trigger developed by the Savage Arms Company in 2002 ... The trigger was designed for ease of use and the ability for end users to adjust the weight of the pull on the trigger ... Trigger-pull refers to the amount of force necessary to pull the trigger, and affects how accurate the firearm is ...
CZ 550 - Design Details - Trigger
... The single set trigger on a CZ-550 operates as a single stage during normal operation ... However, when it is desirable to have less trigger pull, such as for longer range or very accurate shooting, the trigger can be pushed forward, making it a set trigger ... These rifles are factory set with the trigger pull set at approximately 15 N (3.4 lbf) in standard mode and approximately 7 N (1.6 lbf) in the set mode ...
Trigger - Other
... Trigger, a verb conjugation specifying the subject's role in languages with Austronesian alignment Casus belli, an event triggering a war ...
Seismoelectrical Method - Commercial Systems
... Antenna cables and electrodes Trigger cable ... Timing of the measurement is achieved by a hammer trigger (or other mechanical trigger) ...
Caracal Pistol - Design Details - Operating Mechanism
... fired semi-automatic pistol, meaning the trigger system is of the hammerless short double action only type ... The trigger travel is 8 mm (0.31 in) with a trigger pull of 22 N (4.9 lbf) ...

More definitions of "trigger":

  • (noun): A device that activates or releases or causes something to happen.
  • (verb): Release or pull the trigger on.
    Example: "Trigger a gun"
  • (noun): Lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun.
    Synonyms: gun trigger