What is transferee?

  • (noun): (law) someone to whom a title or property is conveyed.
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Taxation In The British Virgin Islands - Stamp Duty
... transactions varies according to the status of the transferee if the transferee is a Belonger, then stamp duty on land transfers is assessed at 4% if the transferee is a Non-Belonger, it is ...
Holder In Due Course - Rights of An HDC Are Superior To Other Contract Rights
... of the instrument from a mere holder to a holder in due course) Negotiation often enables the transferee to become the party to the contract through a contract assignment (provided for explicitly or by operation ... In addition, the rights and obligations accruing to the transferee can be affected by the rule of derivative title, which does not allow a property owner to transfer rights in a ...
Internal Revenue Code Section 1041 - Transferee's Basis
... as if the person who receives the property (the transferee) has acquired it by gift ... The transferee's basis in the property shall be the adjusted basis of the transferor at the time of the transfer ...
Printz V. United States - Background - Interim Provisions
... to transfer a handgun must receive from the transferee a statement (the Brady Form), containing the name, address and date of the proposed transferee along ...
Multidistrict Litigation
... one court, known as the transferor, to another, known as the transferee, for all pretrial proceedings and discovery ... If a case is not settled or dismissed in the transferee court, it is remanded (i.e ... aspect of MDLs is that the MDL statute does not grant the transferee court any discretion as to remand for trial, even when both courts would prefer to keep the case in the transferee court ...

More definitions of "transferee":

  • (noun): Someone who transfers or is transferred from one position to another.
    Synonyms: transfer