What is thermic?

  • (adj): Relating to or associated with heat.
    Example: "Thermic energy"
    Synonyms: thermal, caloric


thermic may refer to one or more of these topics related to heat:

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Thermic Effect Of Food - Types of Foods
... more energy to digest than recovered from the food), presumably because the thermic effect is greater than the caloric content due to the high fibre matrix that must be unraveled to ... to test this hypothesis and a significant amount of the thermic effect depends on the insulin sensitivity of the individual, with more insulin-sensitive ... a study on the effect of meal content in lean women's diets on the thermic effect of food and found that the inclusion of an ingredient containing increased soluble fibre and amylose did not reduce ...
Overview - Types of Boiler - Thermic Fluid Heater
... In recent times, thermic fluid heaters have found wide application for indirect process heating ... The modern oil fired thermic fluid heater consists of a double coil, three pass construction and fitted with modulated pressure jet system ... The thermic fluid, which acts as a heat carrier, is heated up in the heater and circulated through the user equipment ...
... thermic may refer to one or more of these topics related to heat a past synonym for thermal (also, thermics was a synonym for thermodynamics) the thermic effect of food (TEF) the thermic reaction of skin, a topic of ... Highly thermic reactions are those requiring or producing a large amount of heat.) Aluminothermic reaction, the thermite reaction being a prominent ...
Thermic Effect Of Food
... Thermic effect of food, or TEF in shorthand, is the amount of energy expenditure above the resting metabolic rate due to the cost of processing food for use and storage ... Two other terms commonly used to describe the thermic effect of food are dietary induced thermogenesis (DIT) and specific dynamic action (SDA) ... A commonly-used estimate of the thermic effect of food is about 10% of one's caloric intake, though the effect varies substantially for different food components ...
Thermic Siphon
... Thermic siphons are heat-exchanging elements in the firebox or combustion chamber of some steam boiler and steam locomotive designs ... The concept of a self-circulating thermic syphon began with stationary boilers and relatively simple Galloway tubes ... A thermic siphon is an integral part of the boiler and is quite different from a feedwater heater, which is an external accessory ...