What is thermal energy?

Thermal Energy

Thermal energy is the part of the total internal energy of a thermodynamic system or sample of matter that results in the system temperature. This quantity may be difficult to determine or even meaningless unless the system has attained its temperature only through cooling, and not been subjected to work input or output, or any other energy-changing processes.

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Lost Planet 2 - Plot
... city, apparently with heavy casualties and not much thermal energy ... After loading the remaining thermal energy on a helicopter-like VS, they make their escape, only to be shot down by sandraiders ... is declared "the Over G", and its increase in thermal energy use will trigger another ice age on E.D.N ...
... Since temperature relates to the thermal energy held by an object or a sample of matter, which is the kinetic energy of the random motion of the particle constituents ... The object would be described as having zero thermal energy ... of quantum mechanics, however, matter still has zero-point energy even at absolute zero, because of the uncertainty principle ...
Thermal Energy of Individual Particles
... The term thermal energy is also often used as a property of single particles to designate the kinetic energy of the particles ... An example is the description of thermal neutrons having a certain thermal energy, which means that the kinetic energy of the particle is equivalent to the temperature of its surroundings ...
Transparent Materials - Absorption of Light in Solids - Infrared: Bond Stretching
... physical mechanism for storing mechanical energy of motion in condensed matter is through heat, or thermal energy ... Thermal energy manifests itself as energy of motion ... having the same or (resonant) vibrational frequencies, then those particles will absorb the energy of the light wave and transform it into thermal energy ...
Lost Planet 2 - Gameplay
2 will not constantly drain players of thermal energy ... presence longer than a cold climate, which drains thermal energy bit by bit ... Instead, energy can only be drained when the player pilots a VS and uses a weapon that requires energy ...

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