What is the Little Giant?

  • (noun): United States politician who proposed that individual territories be allowed to decide whether they would have slavery; he engaged in a famous series of debates with Abraham Lincoln (1813-1861).

Little Giant

Little Giant is a 1946 film starring the comedy team of Abbott and Costello released by Universal Pictures.

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Zoe Motors - Little Giant
... motorcycle engine as the Zipper but otherwise not resembling it at all, the Zoe Little Giant was a truck, advertised as a "all purpose mini-utility truck" and similar to the baggage carts seen at airports but ...
Giant - Other Uses
... Giant Center, an arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania Giant Mine, a gold mine in the Northwest Territories, Canada GIANT AntiSpyware, a software application ...
Green Giant
... Green Giant and Le Sueur are brands of frozen and canned vegetables owned by General Mills ... The mascot of Green Giant is the Jolly Green Giant ...
American Type Founders - Letterpress Manufacturing - Little Giant
... In the post-war years, ATF produced the Little Giant Automatic Cylinder Press, a smaller (12" x 18" sheet size), more compact press of much more modern design than the Kelly presses ...

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    Next week Reagan will probably announce that American scientists have discovered that the entire U.S. agricultural surplus can be compacted into a giant tomato one thousand miles across, which will be suspended above the Kremlin from a cluster of U.S. satellites flying in geosynchronous orbit. At the first sign of trouble the satellites will drop the tomato on the Kremlin, drowning the fractious Muscovites in ketchup.
    Alexander Cockburn (b. 1941)

    Long ago the country bore the country-town and nourished it with her best blood. Now the giant city sucks the country dry, insatiably and incessantly demanding and devouring fresh streams of men, till it wearies and dies in the midst of an almost uninhabited waste of country.
    Oswald Spengler (1880–1936)