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A-group - History
... remarks were soon expanded with proofs in (Taunt 1949) ... The work of Hall, Taunt, and Carter was presented in textbook form in (Huppert 1967) ... finite simple A-groups in (Walter 1969) which allowed generalizing Taunt's work to finite groups in (Broshi 1971) ...
Taunting - In Popular Culture - Video Games
... Some video games feature the ability to taunt an opponent ... In the context of role-playing games, a "taunt" command is often used by the tank to draw the AI opponents' attention to the player's character, saving other more fragile characters from its attacks so ... In a first-person shooter context or 1 vs 1 games, a "taunt" command is essentially a virtual incarnation of a verbal taunt, and may include either purpose-programmed sounds and gestures or a symbolic ...
Henry Taunt
... Henry William Taunt (1842–1922) was a professional photographer based in Oxford, England ... Henry Taunt was born in Penson's Gardens in St Ebbe's, Oxford ... At the age of 14, Taunt joined Edward Bracher as a member of staff in 1856 at his photographic premises based at 26 High Street, Oxford ...
Derek Taunt
... Derek Roy Taunt (16 November 1917(Note 1) – 15 July 2004) was a British mathematician who worked as a codebreaker during World War II at Bletchley Park ... Taunt attended Enfield Grammar, then the City of London School ... Taunt registered with the Joint Recruiting Board, and was initially allocated to work on ballistics at Kemnal Manor in Chislehurst, preparing range tables for new weapons ...
T'ai Fu: Wrath Of The Tiger - Kung Fu Styles and Special Moves - Tiger Style
... Taunt Strike (R2, then Square) A feigning strike that can be used to lead into a combo ... Taunt Health Restore A useful ability, especially after learning a few fighting styles, pressing the Taunt button (R2) after completing a combo of at least five hits grants the player a ...

More definitions of "taunt":

  • (noun): Aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing.
    Synonyms: twit, taunting

Famous quotes containing the word taunt:

    It is dangerous for a woman to defy the gods;
    To taunt them with the tongue’s thin tip,
    Or strut in the weakness of mere humanity,
    Or draw a line daring them to cross;
    Anne Spencer (1882–1975)

    You may talk about Free Love, if you please, but we are to have the right to vote. To-day we are fined, imprisoned, and hanged, without a jury trial by our peers. You shall not cheat us by getting us off to talk about something else. When we get the suffrage, then you may taunt us with anything you please, and we will then talk about it as long as you please.
    Lucy Stone (1818–1893)

    If you turn aside from following me, you or your children, and do not keep my commandments and my statutes...then...Israel will become a proverb and a taunt among all peoples.
    Bible: Hebrew, 1 Kings 9:6-7.