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Loumia Hiridjee
2008) was a French businesswoman and co-founder of international lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam ... In 1985 together they founded the Princesse Tam Tam brand (named after a 1935 film starring Josephine Baker) ...
List Of 2000 Summer Olympics Medal Winners - Water Polo
... details Hungary (HUN) Attila Vári Zoltán Szécsi Bulcsú Székely Zsolt Varga Tamás Marcz Tamás Molnár Barnabás Steinmetz Tamás Kásás Gergely Kiss Zolt ...
Tam, De Nas Nema - Track Listing
... Novyi den (248) - (Ukrainian Новий день Translation New day) Tam, de nas nema (329) - (Там, де нас нема There, where we are not) Holos ...
Superman: World Of New Krypton - Plot - Issue 11
... There was genetic residues left on the rifle that matches Tam-Or, which suggested that he was the shooter that made an attempt on Alura’s life ... it was suggested that Kal was not seriously pursing Tam-Or because his mother was also from the Labour Guild ... He concluded that Tam-Or is smart but not a tactician and could not be responsible for Mar-Ali’s death or the attempt on Alura’s life ...
List Of 2008 Summer Olympics Medal Winners - Water Polo
... team details Hungary (HUN) Zoltán Szécsi Tamás Varga Norbert Madaras Dénes Varga Tamás Kásás Norbert Hosnyánszky Gergely Kiss Tibor Benedek Dániel Varga Péter Biros Gábor Kis Tamás Molnár ...

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    O I forbid you, maidens a’
    That wear gowd on your hair,
    To come, or gae by Carterhaugh,
    For young Tom-lin is there.
    —Unknown. Tam Lin (l. 1–4)