What is subtropical ridge?

Subtropical Ridge

The subtropical ridge is a significant belt of high pressure situated around the latitudes of 30°N in the Northern Hemisphere and 30°S in the Southern Hemisphere. It is characterized by mostly calm winds, which acts to reduce air quality under its axis by causing fog overnight, and haze during daylight hours caused by the stable atmosphere found near its location. Air flows out from its center toward the upper and lower latitudes of each hemisphere, creating both the trade winds and the westerlies. It moves poleward during the summer, reaching its most northern latitude in early fall, before moving equatorward during the cold season. The ENSO climate cycle can displace the subtropical ridge, with La Niñas allowing for a more northerly axis for the ridge, while El Niños show flatter, more southerly ridges. The change of the ridge position during ENSO cycles changes tracks of tropical cyclones that form around their southern and western peripheries. As the subtropical ridge varies in position and strength, it can enhance or depress monsoon regimes around their southern periphery.

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Typhoon Jangmi (2008) - Meteorological History
... under the steering influence of the subtropical ridge in the northeast ... Tracking toward a weakness in the subtropical ridge induced by a mid-latitude trough to the north-northeast on September 26, Jangmi formed an cirrus-filled ... Under the steering influence by the eastern subtropical ridge, the system began to track northward toward a break situated east of Shanghai, China, and it arrived at the Taiwan Strait from Taoyuan at 0420 ...
Subtropical Ridge - Role in Haze and Fog Formation
... quality When surface winds become light, the subsidence produced directly under the subtropical ridge can lead to a build up of particulates in urban areas under the ridge, leading to widespread haze ...
Anticyclones - Importance To Global Monsoon Regimes
... When the subtropical butt ridge in the northwest Pacific is stronger than normal, it leads to a wet monsoon season for Asia ... The subtropical ridge position is linked to how far northward monsoon moisture and thunderstorms extend into the United States ... Typically, the subtropical ridge across North America migrates far enough northward to begin monsoon conditions across the Desert Southwest from July to September ...
Hurricane Helene (2006) - Meteorological History
... down in the central Atlantic, which was in response to a weakness in the subtropical ridge farther north created by Gordon to the north ... moved eastward on the afternoon of 18th, a narrow ridge built in, forcing Helene westward ... north as it moved along the northwest periphery of the subtropical ridge ...

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