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Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Sade Song)
... "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" is the lead single from Sade's third studio album, Stronger Than Pride (1988) ...
Stronger (Sugababes Song) - Composition and Lyrics
... "Stronger" is a downtempo pop and R B ballad, with elements of hip hop ... "Stronger" was composed in the key of A minor in common time, at a relatively slow-paced 74 beats per minute ... According to NME's Alex Needham, "Stronger" features a similar musical style to the American R B group En Vogue ...
Stronger Woman
... "Stronger Woman" is the title of a song written by Marv Green and co-written and recorded by American recording artist Jewel ... In late January, in its first week of unofficial release, Stronger Woman entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at #50 ...
Stronger Everyday
... Stronger Everyday is the fourth studio album by Jon B ... Stronger Everyday was originally recorded under DreamWorks Records under the working title Everyday Struggles, but the label folded in early 2004 before Jon got to release any ...
Stronger - See Also
... Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", a song by Daft Punk, sampled in the Kanye West song "Stronger" Kamen Rider Stronger Strong (disambiguation) Strength (disambiguation ...

Famous quotes containing the word stronger:

    Shakespeare carries us to such a lofty strain of intelligent activity, as to suggest a wealth which beggars his own; and we then feel that the splendid works which he has created, and which in other hours we extol as a sort of self-existent poetry, take no stronger hold of real nature than the shadow of a passing traveller on the rock. The inspiration which uttered itself in Hamlet and Lear could utter things as good from day to day, for ever.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The source of Pyrrhonism comes from failing to distinguish between a demonstration, a proof and a probability. A demonstration supposes that the contradictory idea is impossible; a proof of fact is where all the reasons lead to belief, without there being any pretext for doubt; a probability is where the reasons for belief are stronger than those for doubting.
    Andrew Michael Ramsay (1686–1743)

    Music at its best is not in need of novelty; indeed, the older it is, the more one is accustomed to it, the stronger its effect.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)