What is striatum?

  • (noun): A striped mass of white and grey matter located in front of the thalamus in each cerebral hemisphere; consists of the caudate nucleus and the lenticular nucleus.
    Synonyms: corpus striatum, striate body


The striatum, also known as the neostriatum or striate nucleus, is a subcortical (i.e., inside, rather than on the outside) part of the forebrain. It is the major input station of the basal ganglia system. The striatum, in turn, gets input from the cerebral cortex. In primates (including humans), the striatum is divided by a white matter tract called the internal capsule into two sectors called the caudate nucleus and putamen. The term corpus striatum sometimes refers to the striatum combined with the globus pallidus, a structure closely related to the putamen, and the lenticular nucleus refers to the putamen together with the globus pallidus.

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... excitatory inputs from the cortex to the striatum (accumbens nucleus), the midbrain project neuromodulatory dopamine neurons to the striatum, the striatum makes internuclear ... and nature of the cortical input, the division of the striatum and pallidum that process the input, the source of the dopaminergic neurons form the midbrain, and the ...
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... The mechanisms of LTD differ in the two subregions of the striatum ... LTD is induced at corticostriatal medium spiny neuron synapses in the dorsal striatum by a high frequency stimulus coupled with postsynaptic depolarization, coactivation of dopamine D1 and D2 ... In the prelimbic cortex of the striatum, three forms or LTD have been established ...
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... numerous small spines which receive synaptic inputs from neurons outside the striatum ... The corpus striatum - consisting of nucleus caudatus, putamen, and nucleus accumbens - is the main input station of the basal ganglia ... visual and primary auditory cortex project to the striatum ...