What is solicit?

  • (verb): Approach with an offer of sexual favors.
    Synonyms: hook, accost
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Prostitution In The United Kingdom - Legal Status - England and Wales - Legal History
... illegal for a customer to kerb crawl/solicit only if this was done "persistently", or "in a manner likely to cause annoyance" ... offence for a common prostitute to loiter or solicit in a street or public place for the purpose of prostitution This offence was created by section 1(1) of the Street Offences Act 1959 ... From 1985 to 1 April 2010 it was an offence for a person to solicit another person, or different persons, for the purpose of prostitution (which in this case means soliciting ...
Product Categories - Starting A Farmers' Market
... Research and solicit available community resources ... Solicit vendors It may seem obvious, but farmers' markets need to be advertised to the public, especially when they first open ... newspapers may all be appropriate places to solicit articles about a new farmers' market ...
Prostitution In The People's Republic Of China - Types and Venues
... This practice is defined as prostitution on the grounds that women in question actively solicit men who can provide them with fixed-term accommodation and a regular allowance ... Fourth tier - "doorbell girls" (叮咚小姐 "dingdong ladies") Women who solicit potential buyers of sex by phoning rooms in a given hotel ... Sixth tier - jienü (街女 "street girls") Women who solicit male buyers of sex on the streets ...
Political Action Committee - History of PACs in The United States
... corporation or union Corporate-affiliated PACs may only solicit contributions from executives, shareholders, and their families Contributions from corporate or labor union ...
CTV Two Atlantic - Advertising
... Since the channel's inception, ASN/CTV Two Atlantic has not been permitted to solicit local advertising in the Halifax area, due to (in the CRTC's opinion) insufficient support for local advertising ... John's, the channel also agreed not to solicit local advertising in that area either ... CTV Two Atlantic is permitted to solicit local advertising in the rest of Atlantic Canada, as well as regional and national advertising moreover the ban on solicitation does not ...

More definitions of "solicit":

  • (verb): Incite, move, or persuade to some act of lawlessness or insubordination.
    Example: "He was accused of soliciting his colleagues to destroy the documents"
  • (verb): Make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently.
    Synonyms: beg, tap
  • (verb): Make a solicitation or petition for something desired.
    Example: "She is too shy to solicit"