What is snaffle?

  • (verb): Fit or restrain with a snaffle.
    Example: "Snaffle a horse"
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Bit (horse) - Snaffle or Direct Pressure Bits
... Bits that act with direct pressure on the tongue and lips are in the general category of snaffle bits ... Snaffle bits most commonly have a single jointed mouthpiece and act with a nutcracker effect on the bars, tongue and occasionally roof of the mouth ... However, any bit that operates only on direct pressure is a "snaffle" bit, regardless of mouthpiece ...
Snaffle (cheek)
... The verb snaffle is a British colloquialism ... A snaffle is also a tale or a lie and a snaffler is a duplicitous con artist ... i.e when Katie snaffles food, she brims with happiness ...
Action of The Snaffle Bit
... The snaffle bit works on several parts of the horse's mouth the mouthpiece of the bit acts on the tongue and bars, the lips of the horse also feel ... A snaffle is sometimes mistakenly thought of as "any mild bit." While direct pressure without leverage is milder than pressure with leverage, nonetheless, certain types of ... A thin or rough-surfaced snaffle, used harshly, can damage a horse's mouth ...
... Snaffle can refer to Snaffle (cheek) Snaffle bit. ...
Double Bridle
... One bit is the bradoon (or bridoon), is a modified snaffle bit that is smaller in diameter and has smaller bit rings than a traditional snaffle, and it is adjusted so that it sits above ... Another term for this combination of curb and snaffle bit is a "bit and bradoon," where the word "bit" in this particular context refers to the curb ...

More definitions of "snaffle":

  • (noun): A simple jointed bit for a horse; without a curb.
    Synonyms: snaffle bit
  • (verb): Get hold of or seize quickly and easily.
    Synonyms: snap up, grab

Famous quotes containing the word snaffle:

    They use the snaffle and the curb all right;
    But where’s the bloody horse?
    Roy Campbell (1902–1957)