What is showy?

  • (adj): Marked by conspicuous display.
    Example: "A cheap showy rhinestone bracelet"
    Synonyms: splashy
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Some articles on showy:

Sorbus Decora
... Sorbus decora, commonly known as the showy mountain-ash or "dogberry" is a deciduous shrub or very small tree native to northeastern North America ... Showy mountain-ash is very similar to the closely related American mountain-ash ... Like the American mountain-ash (Sorbus Americana), the showy mountain-ash has pinnately compound leaves and often large clusters of flowers and fruits ...
Hebe Speciosa
... known by the common names New Zealand hebe, showy hebe, and showy-speedwell ... Zealand but it can be found in other parts of the world where it is grown as an ornamental for its showy flowers ...
Laelia Speciosa
... Laelia speciosa, commonly known as the Mayflower orchid, is a species of showy orchid found in area of Mexico with high elevation of 1,400 m (4,593 ft) to 2,400 m (7,874 ft) ... and much sought after by orchid enthusiasts for its showy, highly fragrant flowers ... The plants typically produce several large, showy, intricately patterned flowers once a year which are larger in stature than the plant itself ...
Hesperis Matronalis - Description
... The plants have showy blooms in early to mid spring ... The plentiful, fragrant flowers are produced in large, showy, terminal racemes that can be 30+ cm tall and elongate as the flowers of the ... Phlox species that also have similar large, showy flower clusters ...
Fabaceae - Description - Flowers
... they are pollinated by insects), and the flowers are usually showy to attract pollinators ... The calyx, corolla, or stamens can be showy in this group ... than just ten, have long coloured filaments, which are the most showy part of the flower ...

More definitions of "showy":

  • (adj): Marked by extravagant display.