What is service life?

Service Life

A product's service life is its expected lifetime, or the acceptable period of use in service. It is the time that any manufactured item can be expected to be 'serviceable' or supported by its manufacturer.

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SS William And Mary Victory - Service Life
... She was launched and christened on 20 May 1945 ... Her sponsor was Eleanor Harvey, the retiring president of the Women Students' Cooperative Government Association at the College of William and Mary and a member of the class of 1945 ...
Reinforced Concrete - Non-steel Reinforcement
... alkaline environment, in which many materials, including most kinds of glass, have a poor service life ... These structures can be significantly lighter and usually have a longer service life ... Also, where the design life of the concrete structure is more important than its initial costs, non-steel reinforcing often has its advantages where corrosion of reinforcing steel is a major cause of failure ...
F-16 Fighting Falcon Variants - Major Upgrade Programs - Falcon UP
... Although the F-16 was originally designed with an expected service life of 8000 flying hours, actual operational usage has proven to be more severe than expected and ... As a result, the anticipated average service life of the F-16A/B had fallen to only 5500 flying hours ... Pleased with the results, the USAF extended the Falcon UP effort to provide a Service Life Improvement Program (SLIP) for its Block 25 and 30/32 aircraft to ensure 6000 flying ...
SNCF Class 241P - History - Service Life
... The class was initially assigned to the line between Paris and Marseilles, hauling services including the famous Le Mistral expresses, but within a few years they ... drive and eight coupled wheels, were withdrawn progressively from service from 1965 for 241.P.1 to 1973 for 241.P.16 ...
Service Life Examples
... for sparing and replacement will assure a longer service life than manufactured items without such planning ... example is automotive tires - failure to plan for this wear out item would limit automotive service life to the extent of a single set of tires ... An individual tire's life follows the bathtub curve, to boot ...

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    Our chief want in life, is, someone who shall make us do what we can. This is the service of a friend. With him we are easily great.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)