What is select bus service?

Select Bus Service

Select Bus Service (SBS), marked on the buses as +selectbusservice, is a brand used by MTA Regional Bus Operations for bus rapid transit service in New York City. SBS began service in 2008 in order to improve speed and reliability along multiple long, busy limited-stop corridors. The first route to run under the SBS branding was the Bx12 along Fordham Road and the Pelham Parkway. There are currently five SBS routes along four corridors, with three additional routes to begin service in late 2013.

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... Select Bus Service or +SBS+, the brand name for MTA bus rapid transit service, is a variant of Limited-Stop bus service that requires fare payment to be made before boarding ... In the event of the fare machine failing to issue a receipt, the bus operator must be notified of the problem ... The implementation of this new service is paired with new lane markings and traffic signs that reserve a lane for buses only between 7AM and 7PM ...
207th Street Crosstown Line - Select Bus Service
... The Bx12 is New York City's first bus rapid transit service, marketed as Select Bus Service, which began on 2008-06-29 ... York State Department of Transportation drew up plans to convert the Bx12's limited service to BRT ... be enacted along the route, timing traffic signals in favor of the bus ...

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