What is scrag?

  • (noun): The lean end of a neck of veal.
    Synonyms: scrag end
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... mistaken identification by NATO) SS-9 Scarp / R-36 SS-10 Scrag / Global Rocket 1 SS-11 Sego / UR-100 SS-12 Scaleboard / TR-1 Temp SS-13 Savage / RT-2 SS-14 Scamp / RT-15 SS-1 ...
... Scrag can refer to Global Rocket 1, given the NATO reporting name SS-X-10 Scrag A monster, also referred to as a "wizard", in the 1996 computer game ...

More definitions of "scrag":

  • (noun): Lean end of the neck.
  • (verb): Wring the neck of.
    Synonyms: choke