What is sawmill?

  • (noun): A large sawing machine.
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A sawmill is a facility where logs are cut into boards.

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Settlers House - History
... In 1959 the Museum constructed the Sawmill adjacent to Settlers’ Cabin ... The Museum’s Sawmill illustrates how this cash crop was prepared for market ... While in operation, the water’s motion forced the sawmill’s saw blade up and down, enabling it to cut through logs directed into its path ...
Sawmill - Additional Images
... Inside a modern sawmill equipped with laser-guided technology Wood traveling on sawmill machinery Sawdust waste from the mill Wood from Victorian mountain ash, Swifts Creek An Allis-Chalmers Model B with a saw ...
Sawmill (software)
... Sawmill is a software package for the statistical analysis and reporting of log files, with dynamic contextual filtering, 'live' data zooming, user interface ... Sawmill also incorporates real-time reporting and real-time alerting ... Available since 1997, at this time Sawmill provides support for approximately 850 server log file formats, with new formats added on request ...
... of the island's main village, Brodick, Cladach is the site of the Cladach Sawmill and in more recent times, the Arran Brewery ... There were also a series of houses that were let to employees of the sawmill by the sawmill owners ... is generated at the turbines behind the Sawmill ...
Sawmill (disambiguation)
... A sawmill is a machine, building or company used for cutting (milling) lumber ... Sawmill or Saw Mill may also refer to Sawmill (software), for statistical analysis and reporting of log files Sawmill, Arizona, in Apache County Sawmill Mountain, in California Saw Mill ...

More definitions of "sawmill":

  • (noun): A mill for dressing logs and lumber.
    Synonyms: lumbermill