What is sanctify?

  • (verb): Render holy by means of religious rites.
    Synonyms: consecrate, bless, hallow
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Simple Minds Discography - Singles
7 3 ... Once Upon a Time 1986 "Sanctify Yourself" 14 ... "All the Things She Said" 4 ... – 20 ... – 28 "Ghostdancing" 72 ... – – 46. 18 ... Don't You (Forget About Me)" (#1), "Alive and Kicking" (#2), "Sanctify Yourself" (#3) and "All the Things She Said" (#9), "This Is Your Land" (#37), "See the Lights" (#10), "She's ... (#65), "Don't You (Forget About Me)" (#9), "Alive and Kicking" (#25), "Sanctify Yourself" (#24) and "All the Things She Said" (#5) ...
Teachings Of Opus Dei - Ordinary Life and The "universal Call To Holiness"
... ordinary lives, with traditional families and conventional careers, and strive to "sanctify ordinary life" ... According to Opus Dei, Opus Dei's spirituality commits lay people to sanctify themselves in the same place where they were before they met Opus Dei and their place in the world is the means for their sanctification ... and ethically, with the aim of loving God and serving others, and thus to sanctify the world from within, making the Gospel present in all activities whether they be outstanding or humble ...
Opus Dei - Spirituality - Doctrine
... ordinary lives, with traditional families and secular careers, and strive to "sanctify ordinary life" ... to holiness", and its founder advised people to "Sanctify your work ... Sanctify yourself in your work ...
King Of Fools (album) - Personnel
... on "August 30th" Gerard Le Feuvre - cello on "Sanctify", "All the Way", "King of Fools", "History Maker" and "What a Friend I've Found" Nick Evans-Pug ...
Daud Bandagi Kirmani - The Account and Biography of Shaikh Daud Bandagi By Badaoni in Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh (MT)
... the greatest Pole-star, the master and asylum of sainthood (God sanctify his tomb!) ... from his highness the lord Maulavī ‘Ārif-i-Jāmī, (may God sanctify his tomb!), and in early youth he read the commentary of Isfahānī with such critical acumen,* that the ... of the true (God),” and who is now the successor of Shaikh Mīyān Dā'ūd, (may God sanctify his soul!) ...

More definitions of "sanctify":

  • (verb): Make pure or free from sin or guilt.
    Synonyms: purify, purge

Famous quotes containing the word sanctify:

    That, if I chance to hold my peace,
    These stones to praise thee may not cease.
    Oh let thy blessed sacrifice be mine,
    And sanctify this altar to be thine.
    George Herbert (1593–1633)

    In art the end does not sanctify the means: but sacred means employed here can sanctify the end.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    But now he’s gone, and my idolatrous fancy
    Must sanctify his relics.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)