What is rush?

  • (noun): The swift release of a store of affective force.
    Example: "He got a quick rush from injecting heroin"
    Synonyms: bang, boot, charge, flush, thrill, kick
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... Whip Rush (ウィップラッシュ 惑星ボルテガスの謎) (or Whip Rush Mystery of the planet Voltegas, Whip Rush 2222AD The Invasion of the Voltegians) is a side-scrolling space shooter ...
Rush, Dublin - Twinning
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The Rush Limbaugh Show - Rush To Excellence Tours and Cruises
... In the 1990s Limbaugh sponsored several Rush to Excellence Tours, or "concerts" featuring him at venues across the country, including the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan ... He also sponsored Rush to Excellence Cruises on ocean liners ...
Sonic Rush
... Sonic Rush (ソニック・ラッシュ, Sonikku Rasshu?) is a 2005 platform handheld video game developed by Sonic Team and Dimps exclusively for the Nintendo DS as part of ... Sonic DS at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2004, and under Sonic Rush at E3 2005 ... Upon release, Sonic Rush was well received by critics, with praise stemming from the game's music and similarity to older games in the series and criticism stemming from its ...
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back - Background
... Public Enemy's 1987 debut album Yo! Bum Rush the Show, while acclaimed by hip hop critics and aficionados, had gone ignored for the most part by the rock ... "On the day that Yo! Bum Rush the Show was released, we was already in the trenches recording Nation of Millions," stated lead MC Chuck D ... decided that the music on Nation of Millions would have to be faster than that found on Yo! Bum Rush the Show ...

More definitions of "rush":

  • (verb): Run with the ball, in football.
  • (verb): Attack suddenly.
  • (verb): Cause to move fast or to rush or race.
    Synonyms: race
  • (noun): Grasslike plants growing in wet places and having cylindrical often hollow stems.
  • (noun): The act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner.
    Synonyms: haste, hurry, rushing
  • (noun): A sudden burst of activity.
    Example: "Come back after the rush"
  • (noun): (American football) an attempt to advance the ball by running into the line.
    Example: "The linebackers were ready to stop a rush"
    Synonyms: rushing
  • (adj): Done under pressure.
    Example: "A rush job"
    Synonyms: rushed
  • (verb): Urge to an unnatural speed.
    Example: "Don't rush me, please!"
    Synonyms: hurry
  • (noun): Physician and Revolutionary American leader; signer of the Declaration of Independence (1745-1813).
    Synonyms: Benjamin Rush

Famous quotes containing the word rush:

    Government ... thought [it] could transform the country through massive national programs, but often the programs did not work. Too often they only made things worse. In our rush to accomplish great deeds quickly, we trampled on sound principles of restraint and endangered the rights of individuals.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)

    The better a work is, the more it attracts criticism; it is like the fleas who rush to jump on white linens.
    Gustave Flaubert (1821–1880)

    ... feminism is a political term and it must be recognized as such: it is political in women’s terms. What are these terms? Essentially it means making connections: between personal power and economic power, between domestic oppression and labor exploitation, between plants and chemicals, feelings and theories; it means making connections between our inside worlds and the outside world.
    Anica Vesel Mander, U.S. author and feminist, and Anne Kent Rush (b. 1945)