What is rocket engine?

  • (noun): A jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion.
    Synonyms: rocket

Rocket Engine

A rocket engine, or simply "rocket", is a jet engine that uses only stored propellant mass for forming its high speed propulsive jet. Rocket engines are reaction engines and obtain thrust in accordance with Newton's third law. Since they need no external material to form their jet, rocket engines can be used for spacecraft propulsion as well as terrestrial uses, such as missiles. Most rocket engines are internal combustion engines, although non-combusting forms also exist.

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Lockheed NF-104A - Design and Flight Profile - Rocket Engine
... In addition to the standard J79 jet engine a Rocketdyne AR2-3 rocket engine was fitted at the base of the vertical fin ... This engine burned a mixture of JP-4 jet fuel and 90% hydrogen peroxide oxidizer solution ... The NF-104 carried enough oxidizer for approximately 100 seconds of rocket engine operation ...
Distributed Workforce - Description - Case Study: Boeing-Rocketdyne SLICE
... geographic locations to create an optimized rocket engine ... SLICE was tasked with designing a rocket engine at 1/100 the current cost, increase the speed to market by ten times, and increase the rocket engine useful life by three times ... from a different geographic location, the team designed an optimized rocket engine with fewer parts, a 14-fold decrease in manufacturing cost, and the highest-ever quality ...
History of Rocket Engines
... The aeolipile described in the first century BC (often known as Hero's engine) essentially consists of a steam rocket on a bearing ... of black powder to propel projectiles was a precursor to the development of the first solid rocket ... this accidental discovery led to fire arrows which were the first rocket engines to leave the ground ...
Bell Rocket Belt - Operating Principle
... All existing rocket packs are based on the construction of the "Bell Rocket Belt" pack, developed in 1960-1969 by Wendell Moore ... The rocket engine, able to move on a ball and socket joint (9) in the upper part of the corset ... The rocket engine consists of a gas generator (1) and two pipes (2) rigidly connected with it, which end with jet nozzles with controlled tips (3) ...
Rocket Engine Nozzle
... A rocket engine nozzle is a propelling nozzle (usually of the de Laval type) used in a rocket engine to expand and accelerate the combustion gases produced by burning ...

Famous quotes containing the words engine and/or rocket:

    There is a small steam engine in his brain which not only sets the cerebral mass in motion, but keeps the owner in hot water.
    —Unknown. New York Weekly Mirror (July 5, 1845)

    A rocket is an experiment; a star is an observation.
    José Bergamín (1895–1983)