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Richard Cromwell

Richard Cromwell (4 October 1626 – 12 July 1712) was the third son of Oliver Cromwell. He was the second ruling Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, serving for just under nine months, from 3 September 1658 until 25 May 1659. After his fall from power, he was given the unflattering soubriquet of Tumbledown Dick by Royalists.

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Gregory Cromwell, 1st Baron Cromwell - Early Years
... Gregory Cromwell was born in Putney circa 1520 ... Gregory's father, Thomas Cromwell had "The habit of not taking himself too seriously, the friendly and familiar atmosphere out of which this comes, was evidently the atmosphere of ... with pleasure." A successful merchant and lawyer, Thomas Cromwell was a self-made man of relatively humble beginnings whose intelligence and abilities enabled him to ...
Timeline Of The English Civil War - Events After The English Civil War
... of England 20 April 1653, The Rump Parliament disbanded by Oliver Cromwell 1653-1658, The Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell 25 March 1655, Battle of the Severn was ...
Richard Cromwell - Ancestry
... Ancestors of Richard Cromwell 16 ... Sir Richard Williams 8 ... Sir Henry Cromwell 17 ...
Five Members - Recall of The Rump (21 April 1653 – 30 September 1659)
... After Richard Cromwell, who had succeeded his father Oliver as Lord Protector in 1658, was effectively deposed by an officers' coup in April, 1659, the officers re-summoned the Rump ... One of Vane's speeches effectively ended Richard Cromwell's career "Mr ... One could bear a little with Oliver Cromwell, though, contrary to his oath of fidelity to Parliament, contrary to his duty to the public...But as for Richard Cromwell, his son, who ...
Third Protectorate Parliament - Events of The Parliament
... After the death of Oliver Cromwell his son Richard Cromwell succeeded him as Lord Protector of the Protectorate on 3 September 1658 ... As a civilian, Richard did not have the full confidence of the Army, particularly as the administration had a perennial budget deficit of half a million pounds and the Army was owed nearly nine hundred thousand pounds ... Richard was recognised as Lord Protector by the Parliament by 223 votes to 134, but over the next month the old divisions re-surfaced ...

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    Necessity hath no law.
    —Oliver Cromwell (1599–1658)

    See how peaceful it is here. The sea is everything. An immense reservoir of nature where I roam at will.... Think of it. On the surface there is hunger and fear. Men still exercise unjust laws. They fight, tear one another to pieces. A mere few feet beneath the waves their reign ceases, their evil drowns. Here on the ocean floor is the only independence. Here I am free.
    Earl Felton, and Richard Fleischer. Captain Nemo (James Mason)