What is rhythm section?

Rhythm Section

A rhythm section is a collection of musicians who make up a section of instruments (generally within a modern small musical ensemble, such as a jazz band) which provides the accompaniment section of the music, giving the music its rhythmic texture and pulse, also serving as a rhythmic reference for the rest of the band. A rhythm section can be found in many other types of modern musical ensembles besides jazz, such as country, blues, and rock. In modern rock music, a rhythm guitarist is a guitarist who specializes in playing rhythmic and chordal (as opposed to melodic and leading) sections, sometimes consisting simply of repeated quaver (eighth-note) power chords, though not necessarily limited to such. In many forms of music, a high quality rhythm section can potentially add much to the quality of the finished product.

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Partly Plugged - Production
... Artwork Garey Goss Technical staff Terry Spackman Atlanta Rhythm Section Current members/ Former members Alan Accardi Andy Anderson Barry Bailey Brendan O'Brien Danny Biget ... Steve Stone Tommy Stribling Discography Atlanta Rhythm Section (1972) Back Up Against the Wall (1973) Third Annual Pipe Dream (1974) Dog Days (1975) Red Tape (1976) A Rock and Roll Alternative (1976) Champagne ...
Rhythm Section - Other Variants
... Not all rhythm sections follow the standard model of "drummer-bassist-chordal instrument" ... In bands without a drummer, one or more instruments from the rhythm section often use playing styles which replace the roles of the drumkit—that is laying down the beat and the backbeat ... chop chords on the off-beats, with the banjo also keeping a steady eighth note rhythm ...
City Lights (Dr. John Album) - Personnel
... John - Keyboards, Vocals, Rhythm section Hugh McCracken - Guitar, Rhythm section John Tropea - Guitar, Rhythm section Will Lee - Bass, Rhythm section Steve Gadd - Drums, Rhythm section Richard Tee - Keyboards ... John - Horn arrangements, Rhythm arrangements Hugh McCracken - Horn arrangements, Rhythm arrangements Claus Ogerman - String arrangements, Conductor ...
Black Bottom Stomp - Structure
... breaks, stoptime, backbeat, two-beat, four-beat, a complete suspension of the rhythm section during the piano solo, riffs, rich variations of melody, and dynamics of volume, all of the elements of jazz as he ... iii) clarinet solo Interlude 4 bars, for full ensemble B section in E♭ Seven 20 bar choruses (i) Full ensemble with trumpet and trombone break (ii) clarinet ... During the A section chorus, the chord progression passes through the relative minor ...

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