What is revert?

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Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force - Virtuaroids - Temjin 747
... It can eject most of its armor to revert to the MBV-747T model ... It can eject the F-armor to revert to the MBV-747T ... It can eject the H-armor and equipment to revert to the MBV-747T ...
Daredevil (film) - Future
... the film rights to the character would not revert back to Marvel ... not start filming by 10 October 2012, the rights to the Daredevil franchise would revert from Fox back to Marvel ... sources commented that Fox had given up on the reboot, and were prepared to let the rights revert to Marvel and their parent company, Disney ...
WP:MVP - Specific Anonymous Vandals
... Students there vandalize pages and employees there revert them ... Please revert and ban sockpuppets when spotted ... — anonymous IP addresses repeatedly revert the Singapore section to a POV version ...
Thunderbolt Ross - Powers and Abilities
... energy, such as gamma radiation (in one instance causing the Hulk to revert to alter ego Bruce Banner) and the Power Cosmic ... The satellites used to revert the Hulk to human form at the end of "World War Hulk" were used to power the device used to turn Ross into the Red Hulk ... Unlike the green Hulk, the Red Hulk does not revert to human form when rendered unconscious, and his blood is a fluorescent yellow instead of green, remaining that color even in ...
Comparison Of Revision Control Software - Basic Commands
... two sources to a working copy path commit Record changes in the repository revert Restore working copy file from repository generate bundle file Create a file that contains ...

More definitions of "revert":

  • (verb): Undergo reversion, as in a mutation.

Famous quotes containing the word revert:

    The fox, he felt, had never seen his past disposed of like a fall of water. He had never measured off his day in moments: another—another—another. But now, thrown down so deeply in himself, into the darkness of the well, surprised by pain and hunger, might he not revert to an earlier condition, regain capacities which formerly were useless to him, pass from animal to Henry, become human in his prison, X his days, count, wait, listen for another—another—another—another?
    William Gass (b. 1924)

    You and I ... are convinced of the fact that if our Government in Washington and in a majority of the States should revert to the control of those who frankly put property ahead of human beings instead of working for human beings under a system of government which recognizes property, the nation as a whole would again be in a bad situation.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)