What is restrain?

  • (verb): To compel or deter by or as if by threats.
    Synonyms: intimidate
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Some articles on restrain:

Addyston Pipe And Steel Company V. United States - Opinion of The Court
... The defendants' last argument was that their cartel did not directly restrain trade but instead was simply a partial restraint that ensured the defendants merely a reasonable rate of return and ... purely private agreements can have the same economic impact, that is directly restrain commerce among the several states ... Peckham also held that contracts that directly restrain trade are not the sort of ordinary contracts and combinations that find shelter in liberty ...
Campbell Adamson - Prices and Incomes Policy
... that the new Government must do something to restrain wage increases, including a new prices and incomes policy if needed ... with CBI members to persuade them to restrain pay rises it was revealed in April 1971 that he had talked personally with Vic Feather of the TUC about an ... later to cite the agreement by industry to restrain prices over 1971-72 as his greatest achievement it allowed the Government's prices policy to half the rate of inflation ...
Erhardt V. Boaro, (113 U.S. 537)
... It is brought to restrain the commission of waste by the defendants pending the action ... of alleged trespass on land not to restrain the use and enjoyment of the premises by the defendant when the title was in dispute, but to leave the complaining party to his remedy at law ... from the bench "that if the plaintiff filed a bill for an account and an injunction to restrain waste, stating that the defendant claimed by a title adverse to his, he stated himself out of court as to the ...
Monetarism - Practice
... Hence, restraint of government spending is the most important single target to restrain excessive monetary growth ... With the failure of demand-driven fiscal policies to restrain inflation and produce growth in the 1970s, the way was paved for a new policy of fighting inflation through the central bank, which would be ... stubbornly high while central banks raised interest rates to restrain credit ...

More definitions of "restrain":

  • (verb): To close within bounds, limit or hold back from movement.
    Synonyms: confine, hold

Famous quotes containing the word restrain:

    I am sensible that my keenness of temper, and a vanity to be distinguished for the day, make me too often splash in life.... I am resolved to restrain myself and attend more to decorum.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    Can a free people restrain crime without sacrificing fundamental liberties and a heritage of compassion?... Let us show that we can temper together those opposite elements of liberty and restraint into one consistent whole. Let us set an example for the world of a law-abiding America glorying in its freedom as well as its respect for law.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)

    In the course of writing one historical book or another, it has happened that I could hardly restrain myself from simply copying entire documents. Indeed, I sometimes sank down among the documents and said to myself, I can’t improve on these.
    Alfred Döblin (1878–1957)