What is restitution?


The law of restitution is the law of gains-based recovery. It is to be contrasted with the law of compensation, which is the law of loss-based recovery. Obligations to make restitution and obligations to pay compensation are each a type of legal response to events in the real world. When a court orders restitution it orders the defendant to give up his gains to the claimant. When a court orders compensation it orders the defendant to compensate the claimant for his or her loss.

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Some articles on restitution:

Aggression Insurance
... and collecting money from the insurer, the right to restitution would be subrogated to the insurer, who would then have an incentive to find the offending party ... by providing insurers incentive to always seek restitution rather than analyze whether restitution is warranted ...
The Holocaust In Norway - Restitution - Assessment of Financial Loss
... Assets were often sold at fire sale prices or assigned at a token price to Nazis, Germans, or their sympathizers ... The administration of these assets was performed by a "Liquidation board for confiscated Jewish assets" that accounted for the assets as they were seized and their disposition ...
Restitution To Reverse Unjust Enrichment
... The Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC") entitles a buyer who defaults restitution of the buyer's deposit to the extent it exceeds reasonable liquidated damages or actual damages ... sum 20% of the price or $500, whichever is less, and the buyer who defaulted is entitled to restitution of any excess ...
German Restitution Laws
... The German Restitution Laws were a series of laws passed in the 1950s in West Germany regulating the restitution of lost property and the payment of ... A first law for the restitution of private persons was the Bundesergänzungsgesetz zur Entschädigung für Opfer der nationalsozialistischen Verfolgung (BErG ... Other restitution laws were the Gesetz zur Wiedergutmachung nationalsozialistischen Unrechts im öffentlichen Dienst (BWGöD) for (former) employees of public service institutions of May 11, 1951, and the ...
Restitution In English Law - Restitution For Wrongs
... Restitution for wrongs sources United Australia Ltd v Barclays Bank Ltd Phillips v Homfray (1883) Edwards v Lee's Administrators Penarth Dock Engineering Co Ltd v Pounds ...

More definitions of "restitution":

  • (noun): Getting something back again.
    Example: "Upon the restitution of the book to its rightful owner the child was given a tongue lashing"
    Synonyms: return, restoration, regaining
  • (noun): The act of restoring something to its original state.

Famous quotes containing the word restitution:

    When someone borrows an animal from another and it is injured or dies, the owner not being present, full restitution shall be made. If the owner was present, there shall be no restitution; if it was hired, only the hiring fee is due.
    Bible: Hebrew, Exodus 22:14,15.