What is Republic of Costa Rica?

  • (noun): A republic in Central America; one of the most politically stable countries in Latin America.
    Synonyms: Costa Rica

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William Le Lacheur - Biography - Contribution To Costa Rica
... In addition to his contribution to the Costa Rican economy through establishing trade routes, Le Lacheur made a significant impact on the development of a number of other aspects of Costa Rica ...
Pleasant Hill / Contra Costa Centre (BART Station)
... Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station serving the Contra Costa Centre Transit Village in Contra Costa Centre ...
Everybody Got Their Something
... Everybody Got Their Something was Nikka Costa's first album on Virgin Records, released on May 22, 2001 ... The first single "Like A Feather" was Costa's biggest hit and was used in Tommy Hilfiger's advertising campaigns ... concert Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas with the help of Costa ...
William Le Lacheur - External Links
... William Le Lacheur - Guernsey Museums website History of Costa Rican coffee Overview of the Worldwide Reformed Church - Costa Rica Historia de la banca comercial en Costa Rica (Spanish) ...
Hugo Sánchez Bonilla - Awards
1978 Honor Certificate for Annual Watercolor Hall of the Costa Rican Art Museum 1979 First Prize Oil paint, Heredian painters contest, sponsored by Max Jimenez association (painting "un amigo") ... (painting "exterior" -owned by the Costa Rican Art Museum) 1982 Honor Certificate for the National Insurance Company 60th anniversary contest ... (painting "psicosis") 1985 Gold Medal for the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism 30th anniversary ...

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    Universal empire is the prerogative of a writer. His concerns are with all mankind, and though he cannot command their obedience, he can assign them their duty. The Republic of Letters is more ancient than monarchy, and of far higher character in the world than the vassal court of Britain.
    Thomas Paine (1737–1809)

    It was the most ungrateful and unjust act ever perpetrated by a republic upon a class of citizens who had worked and sacrificed and suffered as did the women of this nation in the struggle of the Civil War only to be rewarded at its close by such unspeakable degradation as to be reduced to the plane of subjects to enfranchised slaves.
    Anna Howard Shaw (1847–1919)