What is reexamination?

  • (noun): A subsequent examination of a patient for the purpose of monitoring earlier treatment.
    Synonyms: follow-up, followup, review
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In United States patent law, a reexamination is a process whereby a third party or inventor can have a patent reexamined by a patent examiner to verify that the subject matter it claims is patentable. To have a patent reexamined, an interested party must submit prior art that raises a "substantial new question of patentability". The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act makes substantial changes to the U.S. patent system, including new mechanisms for challenging patents at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. One of the new mechanisms is a post-grant review proceeding, which will provide patent challengers expanded bases on which to attack patents.

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Some articles on reexamination:

Tungle - Patent Litigation - NTP
... new question of patentability" and filed for a reexamination of the NTP patents in the United States Patent and Trademark Office ... That reexamination was conducted separately to the court cases for infringement ... NTP has appealed the decision, and the reexamination process was still outgoing as of July 2006 (See NTP, Inc ...
Sealed Crustless Sandwich - Patent Reexamination
... In March 2001, during the legal proceedings, Albie's filed a request for reexamination with the USPTO asking that the patent be reexamined in light of the new prior art ... The reexamination serial number is 90/005,949 ... rejections within the two month deadline, the PTO mailed a Notice of Intent to Issue a Reexamination Certificate (NIIRC) in December 2006 cancelling all claims ...
Groupthink - Recent Developments - Reexamination
... and relevant information about the fiascos have surfaced over the years, a reexamination of the case studies is appropriate and necessary ...
1-Click - Patent
... On May 12, 2006, the USPTO ordered a reexamination of the "One-Click" patent, based on a request filed by Peter Calveley ... On October 9, 2007, the USPTO issued an office action in the reexamination which confirmed the patentability of claims 6 to 10 of the patent ... The Court remanded the application to the Canadian patent office for a reexamination ...

More definitions of "reexamination":

  • (noun): (law) questioning of a witness by the party that called the witness after that witness has been subject to cross-examination.
    Synonyms: redirect examination