What is redemptive?

  • (adj): Of or relating to or resulting in redemption.
    Example: "A redemptive theory about life"- E.K.Brown
    Synonyms: redemptional, redemptory
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Some articles on redemptive:

The Lonely Man Of Faith
... Adam II is "the lonely man of faith," the "redemptive Adam," bringing a "redemptive interpretation to the meaning of existence" ... is both spiritual and material, mystical and scientific, redemptive yet empowered ...
Order Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Of Mercy - The Foundation of The Order
... Peter Nolasco began his redemptive work (ransoming Christian captives) in 1203 ... his will to transform his group of lay redeemers into a Redemptive Religious Order which, with the Church’s approbation and the protection of the Count of Barcelona and King of ... Peter’s plan, inspired by God through Mary, was to establish a well-structured and stable Redemptive Religious Order under the patronage of Blessed Mary ...
Christianity And Women - Theological Issues - Biblical Hermeneutics
... His "redemptive movement" hermeneutic is justified using the example of slavery, which Webb sees as analogous to the subordination of women ... According to the "redemptive approach", slavery and women's subordination are found in the Bible however, the same Scriptures also contain ideas and principles which, if developed and ... Additionally, Grudem believes that Webb's "redemptive-movement" hermeneutic (itself a variation of the "trajectory" hermeneutic commonly employed by egalitarians) ultimately relies on subjective ...
Redemptive-Historical Preaching - Counterpoint
... Opponents of redemptive historical preaching often fault this type of preaching as being weak when it comes to practical application of the Bible ... examples given in Scripture are undermined or diminished, and that redemptive-historical preaching can fail to challenge the listener to conduct consistent with Scriptural direction ... Advocates of redemptive-historical preaching do believe application is necessary ...
Redemptive Suffering
... Redemptive suffering is the Roman Catholic belief that human suffering, when accepted and offered up in union with the Passion of Jesus, can remit the just punishment for one's sins or for the sins ... Like an indulgence, redemptive suffering does not gain the individual forgiveness for their sin forgiveness results from God’s grace, freely given through Christ, which ...

More definitions of "redemptive":

  • (adj): Bringing about salvation or redemption from sin.
    Example: "Redemptive (or redeeming) love"
    Synonyms: redeeming, saving