What is quartette?

  • (noun): Four people considered as a unit.
    Synonyms: quartet, foursome
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Quartette Trés Bien
... The Quartette Trés Bien was an American jazz combo based in St ... Percussionist Percy James added a Latin flavor to the quartette who played more than ten years, before splitting ...
RCA Thesaurus - Classical Compositions
... (Accordion Quartette 1954) "La Cinquantane" - Gabriel Marie Arr ... (Accordion Quartette 1954) "Tango of Love" - John Serry, Sr ... (Accordion Quartette 1954) ...
Polk Miller - Musician
... Polk Miller and his "Old South Quartette" had a variety show of "Stories, Sketches and Songs" depicting African American life before the Civil War ... Polk Miller and the Old South Quartette also performed at African American churches ... Polk Miller's and the Old South Quartette were featured on some of Thomas Edison's earlier phonograph recordings ...
Midge Williams - Adult Career
... During performances of the Williams Quartette in the early 1930s, Roger Seguire saw the act and signed on to be the group's manager ... In 1933, the Williams Quartette went to Shanghai, China, to perform at the Canidrome ... In August 1934, the Williams Quartette returned to California, but shortly thereafter Midge's brother Charles died from a gunshot accident ...
Happy Arcadia - Musical Numbers
... Solo "Far away from care and strife" - Lycidas and quartette No ... Quartette ... Identity quartette ...

More definitions of "quartette":

  • (noun): Four performers or singers who perform together.
    Synonyms: quartet
  • (noun): A musical composition for four performers.
    Synonyms: quartet
  • (noun): A set of four similar things considered as a unit.
    Synonyms: quartet, quadruplet