What is quantum gravity?

Quantum Gravity

Quantum gravity (QG) is the field of theoretical physics which attempts to develop scientific models that unify quantum mechanics (describing three of the four known fundamental interactions) with general relativity (describing the fourth, gravity). It is hoped that development of such a theory would unify all fundamental interactions into a single mathematical framework and describe all known observable interactions in the universe, at both subatomic and cosmological scales.

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Sundance Bilson-Thompson
... His ideas have attracted interest in the field of loop quantum gravity, as they may represent a way of incorporating the Standard Model into loop quantum gravity ... This would make loop quantum gravity a candidate theory of everything ...
Self-creation Cosmology - External Links and References
... G 1997, Classical and Quantum Gravity 14 pp 945-953 Some FRW models with variable G and Λ ... Theory, one chapter of 'Horizons in World Physics, Volume 247 New Developments in Quantum Cosmology Research', Nova Science Publishers, Inc ... Cosmology and a heterodox prediction for Gravity Probe B ...
Quantum Gravity - Experimental Tests
... As was emphasized above, quantum gravitational effects are extremely weak and therefore difficult to test ... For this reason, the possibility of experimentally testing quantum gravity had not received much attention prior to the late 1990s ... However, in the past decade, physicists have realized that evidence for quantum gravitational effects can guide the development of the theory ...
Special Relativity (alternative Formulations) - Doubly Special Relativity
... to play a fundamental role in a theory of Quantum Gravity, setting the scale at which Quantum Gravity effects cannot be neglected and new phenomena are observed ... If Special Relativity is to hold up exactly to this scale, different observers would observe Quantum Gravity effects at different scales, due to the Lorentz-FitzGerald contraction, in contradiction to ...
Classical And Quantum Gravity
... Classical and Quantum Gravity is a peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of gravitational physics and the theory of spacetime ... of relativity Experimental gravitation Cosmology and the early universe Quantum gravity Supergravity, superstrings and supersymmetry Mathematical physics relevant to gravitation The ...

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