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Ceramic Capacitor - Electrical Characteristics - ESR, Dissipation Factor, and Quality Factor
... series resistance (ESR), as dissipation factor(DF, tan δ), or as quality factor (Q), depending on the application requirements for the capacitor types ... are mostly specified with the dissipation factor tan δ ... The dissipation factor is determined as the tangent of the reactance - and the ESR, and can be shown as the angle δ between imaginary and the impedance axis in the above vector ...
Ring Laser - The Cavity - Quality Factor Q
... It is quite important for large rings to increase the quality factor Q, because it appears as 1/Q2 in the expression for noise ... Any interfaces or apertures that would decrease the quality factor of the ring are avoided ... is acceptable) and equal reflectances r, the quality factor is This equation gives rise to formidable quality factors ...
Electromagnetic Reverberation Chamber - Theory - Quality Factor
... The Quality Factor (or Q Factor) is an important quantity for all resonant systems ... Generally, the Q factor is defined by where the maximum and the average are taken over one cycle, and is the angular frequency ... The factor Q of the TE and TM modes can be calculated from the fields ...
Pixel Density
... Good quality photographs usually require 300 pixels per inch, at 100% size, when printed onto coated paper stock, using a printing screen of 150 lines per ... This delivers a quality factor of 2, which delivers optimum quality ... The lowest acceptable quality factor is considered to be 1.5, which equates to printing a 175ppi image using a 150 lpi screen onto coated paper ...
Types Of Capacitor - Electrical Characteristics - Ohmic Losses, ESR, Dissipation Factor, and Quality Factor
... A capacitor's summarized resistive losses may be specified either as ESR, as a dissipation factor(DF, tan δ), or as quality factor (Q), depending on application requirements ... are mostly specified with the dissipation factor tan δ ... However the numeric value of the dissipation factor, measured at the same frequency, is independent on the capacitance value and can be specified ...

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