What is PWR?

  • (noun): A nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator; the steam produced can drive a steam turbine.
    Synonyms: pressurized water reactor


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Mihama Nuclear Power Plant - Reactors On Site
... Output Electric Power Rating Beginning of Construction First Criticality Commission date Mihama - 1 PWR 320 MW 340 MW 01.02.1967 8 August 28 ... November 1970 Mihama - 2 PWR 470 MW 500 MW 29 May 1968 ...
List Of PWR Reactors - Belgian Commercial Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) Nuclear Power Plants
... Power in MWt Ordered Construction Commissioning Decommissioning Doel I Doel (Antwerp) PWR 1974 ... Doel II Doel (Antwerp) PWR 1975 ... Tihange I Tihange ...
Chinon Nuclear Power Plant - Reactors
01.03.1961 04.08.1966 04.08.1966 15.06.1990 Chinon B1 PWR 905 MW 954 MW 01.03.1977 30.11.1982 01.02.1984 Qualified to operate until 2024 Chinon B2 PWR 905 MW 954 MW 01.03.1977 29.11.1983 01.0 ...
Pressurized Water Reactors - Advantages
... PWR reactors are very stable due to their tendency to produce less power as temperatures increase this makes the reactor easier to operate from a stability standpoint ... PWR turbine cycle loop is separate from the primary loop, so the water in the secondary loop is not contaminated by radioactive materials ... PWRs can passively scram the reactor in the event that offsite power is lost to immediately stop the primary nuclear reaction ...
... PWR may stand for Parliament of the World's Religions Paul Weel Racing, an Australian V8 Supercar motor racing team Politechnika Wroclawska, Wroclaw University of Technology Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne, an American ...