What is public key cryptography?

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Padding (cryptography) - Public Key Cryptography
... In public key cryptography, padding is the process of preparing a message for encryption or signing using a specification or scheme such as PKCS#1 v2.0, OAEP, PSS, PSSR, IEEE P1363 ...
Key Derivation Function
... In cryptography, a key derivation function (or KDF) derives one or more secret keys from a secret value such as a master key or other known information such as a ... of pseudo-random functions used for key derivation ...
Vector Sigma - Transformers Animated
... In Transformers Animated, the key that the AllSpark created for Sari Sumdac from her building access key resembles the key to Vector Sigma from Both Beast Machines and Generation 1 ...
Key - Other
... various kinds of bottle and can openers Clef (from the French for "key"), the symbol that assigns note names to the lines and spaces of the musical ...
Glossary Of Cryptographic Keys
... This glossary lists types of keys as the term is used in cryptography, as opposed to door locks ... For classification of keys according to their usage see cryptographic key types. 40-bit key - key with a length of 40 bits, once the upper limit of what could be exported from the U.S ...

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