What is psychopathology?

  • (noun): The branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.
    Synonyms: psychiatry, psychological medicine
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Psychopathology is the study of mental illness, mental distress, and abnormal/maladaptive behavior. The term is most commonly used within psychiatry where pathology refers to disease processes. Abnormal psychology is a similar term used more frequently in the non-medical field of psychology.

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Psychopathology - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
... For a diagnosis to be made, 2 levels of criteria within the DSM must be met ... First, the disordered behaviour must originate within the person, and it must not be a reaction due to external factors ...
Developmental Psychopathology - Theoretical Basis
... Developmental psychopathology is a sub-field of developmental psychology and child psychiatry characterized by the following (non-comprehensive) list of assumptions Atypical development and typical development are ... Therefore, developmental psychopathology is not the study of pathological development, but the study of the basic mechanisms that cause developmental pathways to diverge toward pathological or ... Research designs in developmental psychopathology should incorporate multivariate designs to examine the mechanisms underlying development ...
Michael Shepherd (psychiatrist) - Career - Tackling Conceptual Issues in Psychiatry
... on the thorny problems of psychiatric classifications, psychopathology and the causation of mental illness ... He also wrote extensively on the general psychopathology of Karl Jaspers illuminating his belief that the main appeal of Jaspers' book as its breadth in extending the ... In other words, the complex field of psychopathology had to be explored not only through biological science but through an analysis of what essentially belongs to Man and not man as a species of ...
Theodore R. Sarbin - Work - Psychopathology
... Sarbin was particularly interested in the social psychology of psychopathology and argued that "mental illness" could be understood in terms of social constructs such as moral disapproval of the ...
Psychopathology (journal)
... Psychopathology is a peer-reviewed medical journal that research on and classification of mental illness in clinical psychiatry, the field of psychopathology ... It bills itself as the "International journal of experimental psychopathology, phenomenology and psychiatric diagnosis" and aims to "elucidate the complex ...

More definitions of "psychopathology":

  • (noun): The branch of psychology concerned with abnormal behavior.
    Synonyms: abnormal psychology