What is process model?

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History - Discovery of Nuclear Fission
... In 1911, New Zealander Ernest Rutherford proposed a model of the atom in which a very small, dense and positively charged nucleus of protons (the neutron had not ... in 1913 by reconciling the quantum behavior of electrons (the Bohr model) ... torn rather than broken in two? We knew that there were strong forces that would resist such a process, just as the surface tension of an ordinary liquid drop tends to resist its division into two smaller ones ...
Meta-process Modeling - Example: “Multi-model View” - Meta-process Map
... In the multi-model view as presented in the paper of C ... Rolland, the meta-process (the instance of the meta-process model) is “a process for the generation of a path from the map and its instantaneous enactment for ... It is not to be mixed up with the map for the process model as presented above ...
Dynamic Enterprise Modeling Topics - Constructing The Business Control Model
... A business control model is constructed according to a set path ... The scope includes scoping what to model and includes the definition of the agents and external business functions that relate to the business ... Next, the scope is depicted to a model of the black box with al the agents and external business functions surrounding the black box ...
Business Process Discovery - Application / Techniques
... Business Process Discovery complements and builds upon the work in many other fields ... Process discovery is one of the three main types of process mining ... The other two types of process mining are conformance checking and model extension/enhancement ...
Sensor ML - What Are The Essential Elements?
... Physical atomic process that transforms information from one form to another ... Composite physically based model of a group or array of components, which can include detectors, actuators, or sub-systems ... A System relates a Process Chain to the real world and therefore provides additional definitions regarding relative positions of its components and communication interfaces ...

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    I had a wonderful job. I worked for a big model agency in Manhattan.... When I got on the subway to go to work, it was like traveling into another world. Oh, the shops were beautiful, we had Bergdorf’s, Bendel’s, Bonwit’s, DePinna. The women wore hats and gloves. Another world. At home, it was cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, going to PTA, Girl Scouts. But when I got into the office, everything was different, I was different.
    Estelle Shuster (b. c. 1923)

    come peace or war, the progress of America and Europe
    Becomes a long process of deterioration—
    Robinson Jeffers (1887–1962)