What is pregnancy rate?

Pregnancy Rate

Pregnancy rate is the success rate for getting pregnant. It is the percentage of all attempts that leads to pregnancy, with attempts generally referring to menstrual cycles where insemination or any artificial equivalent is used, which may be simple artificial insemination (AI) or AI with additional in vitro fertilization.

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Billings Ovulation Method
... This information can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy during regular or irregular cycles, breastfeeding, and peri-menopause ... In trials method related pregnancy rates have ranged between 0% to 2.9% ... The method-related pregnancy rate amongst Billings users was zero and the total pregnancy rate was 0.5% ...
Pregnancy Rate For IVF
... With enhanced technology, the pregnancy rates are substantially higher today than a couple of years ago ... In 2006, Canadian clinics reported an average pregnancy rate of 35% ...
Causes of Infant Mortality - Medical
... Low birth weight makes up sixty to eighty percent of the infant mortality rate in developing countries ... The New England Journal of Medicine stated that “The lowest mortality rates occur among infants weighing 3000 to 3500 g ... poor maternal nutritional status, lack of prenatal care, maternal sickness during pregnancy, and an unhygienic home environments ...

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    D.W. Winnicott (20th century)

    There are highly gifted spirits who are always infertile simply because, owing to a weakness in temperament, they are too impatient to wait out their pregnancy to term.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)