What is power plant?

Power Plant

PowerPlant is an object-oriented GUI toolkit, application framework and set of class libraries for Mac OS, created by Metrowerks. The framework was fairly popular at the height of the Classic Mac OS era, and was primarily used with CodeWarrior. It was designed to work with a GUI editor called Constructor; unusually for such programs, Constructor was primarily a resource editor specializing primarily in UI elements, including several custom resource types, 'PPob' ("PowerPlant object" -- a general view description), 'CT Y P' (custom widgets), and Mcmd (used for dispatching menu-related events).

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Lake Stamford - Power Plant
... American Electric Power (formerly West Texas Utilities) has a gas-fired electric generating power plant located at Lake Stamford ... The plant has a generating capacity of 218 MW ... The plant was put into inactive status and mothballed in September 2002 ...
Ladzhanuri Hydro Power Plant
... Ladzhanuri Hydro Power Plant or Lajanuri Hydro Power Plant is a large power plant in Georgia with four turbines, each with a nominal capacity of 29 MW, with a total capacity of 116 MW ...
Power Plant
... A new version, PowerPlant X, was introduced in 2004 as a native Carbon framework, using Carbon Events ... After Metrowerks was acquired by Motorola, then spun out as part of Freescale Semiconductor, PowerPlant and the rest of the CodeWarrior desktop development tools were discontinued ...
Supercritical Steam Generator - History of Supercritical Steam Generation
... In 1929, a test boiler that had been built in 1927 began operating in the thermal power plant at Gartenfeld in Berlin for the first time in subcritical mode with a fully open throttle valve ... operated successfully at the Cottam combined-cycle power plant in the central part of England, The vertical tubing in the combustion chamber walls ... Construction of a first reference plant, the Yaomeng power plant in China, commenced in 2001 ...
Srbinje Hydro Power Plant
... The Srbinje Hydro Power Plant should be one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's largest hydro power plant, if built, having an installed electric capacity of 56 MW ... However, same as Buk Bijela Hydro Power Plant, the project has been under harsh scrutiny of local and national communities and various NGO's from Bosnia ...

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