What is pock?

  • (verb): Mark with a scar.
    Synonyms: scar, mark, pit
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List Of Haunted Mansion Characters - Referenced Characters - Prudence Pock
... Prudence is a member of the Pock family, which includes Phineas Pock and the singing bust Phineas P ... Pock—who may or may not be the same individual ...
Beauty And Pock Face - Synopsis
... wife, had a pocked face and was called Pock Face ... Her stepmother clothed Pock Face nicely, but refused to take the poor Beauty along with her ... Pock Face lured her near a well, pushed her in, and then sent word to the scholar that Beauty had caught small pox ...
List Of Haunted Mansion Characters - Singing Busts
... Pock ... Pock Relative of the poetess Prudence Pock ... The name Phineas Pock has appeared elsewhere in Haunted Mansion lore ...
Benjamin Jesty - Recognition and Final Years
... Before this first amount had been awarded, George Pearson, founder of the Original Vaccine Pock Institution, had brought evidence before the House of Commons of Jesty's work in 1774, work which pre-dated. 1803, proposing Jesty as the first vaccinator, and sent copies to the Original Vaccine Pock Institute and the member of parliament, George Rose ... Report from the Original Vaccine Pock Institute, 1805 "That he was led to undertake this novel practice in 1774 to counteract the small-pox, at that time prevalent at Yetminster ...
Tobias Pock
... Tobias Pock (or Poch, Bock or Pockh) (1609 - 12 June 1683) was an Austrian Baroque painter from Swabian descent, a pioneer of sacral art ... Pock was born in Konstanz, where his father worked as a master at the Cathedral ... Tobias Pock probably was an apprentice painter in Southern Germany ...

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  • (noun): A pustule in an eruptive disease.