What is Philippi?

  • (noun): A city in ancient Macedonia that was important in early Christianity.
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Philippi (in Greek Φίλιπποι Philippoi) was a city in eastern Macedonia, established by Philip II in 356 BC and abandoned in the 14th century after the Ottoman conquest. The present municipality Filippoi is located near the ruins of the ancient city and it is part of the region of East Macedonia and Thrace in Greece.

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... Hinds, 1844 Cerithium georgianum Cerithium gloriosum Cerithium gracilis Philippi, 1836 Cerithium guinaicum Cerithium heteroclites Cerithium ...
Philippi B & O Railroad Station
... The Philippi B O Railroad Station was built in 1911 on a prominent site in Philippi, West Virginia ... After passenger service to Philippi ceased in 1956, the building was used by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad as a workshop ...
Liberators' Civil War - First Battle of Philippi
... The Battle of Philippi consisted of two engagements in the plain to the west of the ancient city of Philippi ...
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... Species in the genus Littoraria include Littoraria aberrans Philippi, 1846 Littoraria ahenea Reid, 1986 Littoraria albicans Metcalfe, 1852 ... Sowerby I, 1832) Littoraria fasciata Sowerby, 1832 † Littoraria flammea Philippi, 1847 Littoraria flava King Broderip, 1832 Littoraria flavaosa King Broderip, 1832 Littoraria ianthostoma Stuckey ... Reid, 2002 Littoraria intermedia Philippi, 1846 Littoraria irrorata Say, 1822 - marsh periwinkle Littoraria kraussi Rosewater, 1970 Littoraria lutea Philippi, 1847 ...
Philippi, Cape Town - History
... As resistance to apartheid grew in the 1980s Philippi increasingly became a place of refuge from the political unrest in the former homelands ... Additional residents came to live in Philippi when farms in Mitchell's Plain were eliminated due to urban sprawl ...

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  • (noun): Octavian and Mark Antony defeated Brutus and Cassius in 42 BC.
    Synonyms: battle of Philippi