What is peyote stitch?

Peyote Stitch

The peyote stitch, also known as the gourd stitch, is an off-loom bead weaving technique. Peyote stitch may be worked with either an even or an odd number of beads per row. Both even and odd count peyote pieces can be woven as flat strips, in a flat round shape, or as a tube. Tubular peyote is used to make pouches or to decorate objects such as bottles or fan handles.

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Fast Peyote Stitch
... A variation of the peyote stitch is often referred to as the fast peyote stitch as its use resembles peyote, but it can be done in less time ... Much like the first two rows of a peyote stitch project, the speed stitch requires two rows be strung then worked in ... but is easily done in either flat or tubular peyote ...
Beadwork - 3D Beading
... which can be further divided into right angle weave and peyote stitch ... Peyote stitch is stitched using only one end of the nylon thread ... of the piece, while the first end of the thread progresses through the stitch ...

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