What is pc card?

PC Card

In computing, PC Card is a form factor peripheral interface designed for laptop computers, superseded by CardBus in 1995 and then ExpressCard in 2003. Originally known as PCMCIA Card, short for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, the PC Card standard as well as its successors were defined and developed by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), which itself was created by a number of computer industry companies in 1986 by Jacob D. Holm. It was originally designed as a standard for memory-expansion cards to compete with the JEIDA memory card standard developed in Japan. In 1991 the two standards merged as JEIDA 4.1 or PCMCIA 2.0 (PC Card).

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PC Card - Technological Obsolescence
... available for almost all functions the PC Card originally provided ... The ExpressCard, which replaced the PC Card, contains a PCIe 1x and a USB 2.0 interface ...
... computing, the XJACK is a type of extendable connector or antenna for a type II PC card, designed by the Megahertz subsidiary of 3Com ... When not in use, the XJACK retracts into the PC card for storage ... The XJACK was originally used in modem and network cards, to attach a standard RJ11 or 8P8C plug directly to the PC card ...
Comparison Of Open-source Wireless Drivers - Driver Capabilities - FreeBSD
802.11n Cardbus, PCI, Mini PCI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes awi N/A PC Card ? ? ? ? Yes Yes bwi 802.11b, 802.11g Cardbus, PCI Yes Yes Yes Yes No No cnw N/A Cardbus ? ? ? ? ? ? ipw 802.11b Mini PCI Yes Yes Yes ...
P2 (storage Media)
... The P2 card is essentially a RAID of Secure Digital (SD) memory cards with an LSI controller tightly packaged in a die-cast PC Card (formerly PCMCIA ... The cards can also be used directly where a PC card (PCMCIA) slot is available, as in most older notebook computers, as a normal hard disk drive, although a custom software driver must first be loaded ... As of early 2010, P2 cards are available in capacities of 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB ...

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