What is paramount television?

Paramount Television

Paramount Television was an American television production/distribution company that was active from 1967 until 2006. Most of this time was as the television arm of the Paramount Pictures film studio. Its predecessor is Desilu Productions.

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Complete List Of Works Produced By Hanna-Barbera - Television Series - 1980s
... Show (1980) The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (1980 co-produced with Paramount Television) This show is currently owned by CBS Television Studios and distributed by its syndication arm, CBS ... Television) DVD This show is unique among the WB-owned H-B shows in that it has always been owned by WB due to being a spinoff of The Dukes of Hazzard Monchhichis (1983) D The New Scooby and ...
CBS Television Distribution - Library Programming - Paramount Television
... Note Includes some that would later become CBS Paramount Television shows after CBS Corporation acquired Paramount Television from Viacom in January 2006, in ... The Immortal (1970–1971) The Sandy Duncan Show (1971–1972) Terror in the Sky (1971 television film) The Brady Kids (1972–1974) (Co-produced by Filmation Associates) Catch-22 (1973 television film. 1994–1999) Real TV (1996–2001) (Produced and distributed by Paramount Domestic Television) Clueless) (1996–1999, co-produced by Cockamamie Pictures) Nash ...
Paramount Television - See Also
... Desilu Productions CBS Television Studios, formerly CBS Paramount Television CBS Paramount Domestic Television List of Paramount executives Paramount Domestic Television Viacom ...
CBS Television Distribution - Library Programming - Desilu Productions
... Note Includes shows that would later become Paramount Television shows following its acquisition of Desilu in 1967 ... (1963) You Don't Say! (1963–1969) (1963–1969 version made by Desilu, then Paramount Television 1970s versions owned by Warner Bros ... Television) The Greatest Show on Earth (1963–1964) (Based on the 1952 movie by Paramount Pictures) Star Trek (1966–1969) (post-1967 season produced by Paramount Television) Mission ...
Paramount Domestic Television
... Paramount Domestic Television (PDT) was the television distribution arm of American television production company Paramount Television, once the TV arm of Paramount ... It was formed in 1982 as Paramount Domestic Television and Video Programming, the successor to Paramount Television Domestic Distribution, Paramount Television Sales, and Desilu Sales ...

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