What is overtaking?

  • (noun): Going by something that is moving in order to get in front of it.
    Synonyms: passing


Overtaking or passing is the act of one vehicle going past another slower moving vehicle, travelling in the same direction, on a road. The lane used for overtaking another vehicle is almost always a lane further from the road shoulder — that is, to the left in places that drive on the right, and to the right in places that drive on the left.

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Some articles on overtaking:

Overtake - Rules of Overtaking
... So in Britain, overtaking is performed using the outside lane, in the US it is termed the inside lane ... In the United Kingdom and Canada overtaking is prohibited by either, a soild yellow line or double solid yellow line ... On a single carriageway/undivided carriageway road, the lane used for overtaking is often the same lane that is used by oncoming traffic, and it is often only ...
Overtaking in Racing
... In racing, the rules allow overtaking from either side ... Generally, the sides are classified as inside and outside overtaking, depending on the position of the overtaking car at the next curve since start of overtaking ... The defending car usually blocks inside overtaking, because outside overtaking is riskier than inside overtaking ...
Circuit De Nevers Magny-Cours - The Circuit
... fast straight into the first-gear Adelaide hairpin, the best overtaking opportunity on the circuit ... The circuit provides few overtaking opportunities, despite modifications in 2003, which means the races here are commonly regarded as quite uneventful ... at Magny-Cours tend to have a processional nature, with most overtaking occurring during pit stop sequences ...
Traffics - Organized Traffic - Overtaking - Lanes
... Designation and overtaking The usual designation for lanes on divided highways is the fastest lane is the one closest to the center of the road, and the slowest to the edge of ... expected to keep in the slowest lane unless overtaking, though with more traffic congestion all lanes are often used ... Overtaking is permitted to the right, and sometimes to the left ...
International America's Cup Class - Umpire Signaling System (“USS”)
... position in relation to each other when overtaking and their position relating to a mark of the course when in close proximity of the mark ... On’ indicates that the bow of the overtaking yacht is overlapping the stern of the leading yacht and there is no restriction on the leeward yacht to steer a direct course for ... mark and hence cannot point higher and force the overtaking yacht to either tack or sail a higher course to the next mark ...