What is overloaded?

  • (adj): Loaded past capacity.
    Synonyms: overladen

Some articles on overloaded:

Overloaded: The Singles Collection
... Overloaded The Singles Collection is the first greatest hits album of English girl group Sugababes ... Overloaded features twelve of the group's singles, four of which reached number one in the UK ... Overloaded received positive reviews from music critics, who praised it as a reflection of the group's success ...
Overloaded: The Singles Collection - Critical Reception
... The Guardian Herald Sun Pitchfork Media This Is Fake DIY Overloaded received positive reviews from music critics, who generally praised the album as a reflection of the ... He concluded that Overloaded proves the group as the UK's best ... Stuart McCaighy of This Is Fake DIY concluded that Overloaded is "awash with hits" and portrays why the group were named the most successful female act of the 21st century ...
Nursing - Practice Settings - Work Environment
... De Lucia, Otto, Palmier (2009) concluded, "the profession of nursing as a whole is overloaded because there is a nursing shortage ... Individual nurses are overloaded ... They are overloaded by the number of patients they oversee ...
C Sharp Syntax - Operators - Operator Overloading
... Some of the existing operators can be overloaded by writing an overload method ... Binary operators ==, !=, , = Comparison operators, must be overloaded in pairs Assignment operators (+=, *= etc.) are combinations of a binary operator and the assignment ... Cast operators (( )) cannot be overloaded, but you can define conversion operators ...
C++ Classes - Declaration and Usage - Overloaded Operators - Overloading Brackets
... The square bracket and the round bracket can be overloaded in C++ structures ... Round bracket is overloaded a similar way ... arrow (->*), the new keyword and the delete keyword can also be overloaded ...

Famous quotes containing the word overloaded:

    “Play,” the useless, as the ideal of one who is overloaded with strength, as “childlike.” The “childlikeness” of god, pais paizon.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    At bottom there is in Joyce a profound hatred for humanity—the scholar’s hatred. One realizes that he has the neurotic’s fear of entering the living world, the world of men and women in which he is powerless to function. He is in revolt not against institutions, but against mankind.... Ulysses is like a vomit spilled by a delicate child whose stomach has been overloaded with sweetmeats.
    Henry Miller (1891–1980)