What is organ pipe?

  • (noun): The flues and stops on a pipe organ.
    Synonyms: pipe, pipework

Organ Pipe

An organ pipe is a sound-producing element of the pipe organ that resonates at a specific pitch when pressurized air (commonly referred to as wind) is driven through it. Each pipe is tuned to a specific note of the musical scale. A set of organ pipes of similar timbre tuned to a scale is known as a rank or a stop.

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Mud Dauber - Overview
... The organ pipe mud dauber, as the name implies, builds nests in the shape of a cylindrical tube resembling an organ pipe or pan flute ... Organ-pipe mud daubers build their very distinctive and elegant tubes on vertical or horizontal faces of walls, cliffs, bridges, overhangs and shelter caves or other structures ... However, pipe-organ mud dauber males have reportedly brought spiders to the nest, and they aid in nest guarding ...
Organ Pipe - Varieties - Diaphone Pipes
... The diaphone is a unique and uncommon organ pipe ... Invented by Robert Hope-Jones around 1900, it has characteristics of both flue pipes and reed pipes ... The pipe speaks through a resonator, much like a reed pipe, but a spring-loaded pallet instigates the vibration instead of a reed ...
Organ Pipe Coral
... The Organ pipe coral (Tubipora musica) is an alcyonarian coral native to the waters of the Indian Ocean and the central and western regions of the Pacific Ocean ... hard skeleton of calcium carbonate that contains many organ pipe-like tubes ...
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... An organ pipe cactus in the Monument Hedgehog cactus and brittlebush in bloom at the National Monument The Monument is also home to many saguaro cacti The Monument ...
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... The organ pipe mud dauber (Trypoxylon politum) is a type of wasp in the family Crabronidae ... Male organ pipe mud daubers are among the few male wasps of any species to stay at the nest ... Organ pipe mud daubers are also an exceedingly docile species of wasp, and generally pleasant to have around, as they serve to keep spider populations down ...

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    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Nature is so perfect that the Trinity couldn’t have fashioned her any more perfect. She is an organ on which our Lord plays and the devil works the bellows.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)