What is nusselt number?

Nusselt Number

In heat transfer at a boundary (surface) within a fluid, the Nusselt number is the ratio of convective to conductive heat transfer across (normal to) the boundary. In this context, convection includes both advection and conduction. Named after Wilhelm Nusselt, it is a dimensionless number. The conductive component is measured under the same conditions as the heat convection but with a (hypothetically) stagnant (or motionless) fluid.

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Sherwood Number
... The Sherwood number, (also called the mass transfer Nusselt number) is a dimensionless number used in mass-transfer operation ... analysis, it can also be further defined as a function of the Reynolds and Schmidt numbers For example, for a single sphere it can be expressed as where is the Sherwood number due only to natural convection and not ... form is particularly valuable to chemical engineers in situations where the Reynolds number and Schmidt number are readily available ...

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