What is nuclear assault?

Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault is an American thrash metal band formed in 1984.

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John Connelly (musician) - Split & John Connelly Theory 1991
... Around 1991, John Connelly saw fit to take a break from Nuclear Assault and release a low profile solo record under the name John Connelly Theory ... However, the differences between his solo project and Nuclear Assault was mostly found in the more rock oriented song structures, timid adventurism (the band sounds like they want to really ... Nuclear Assault would split up in 1993, John released his solo project called John Connelly's Theory ...
Survive (Nuclear Assault Album)
... Survive is the second studio album by Nuclear Assault released in 1988 on vinyl, compact disc and cassette ... Survive was the album that broke Nuclear Assault into the thrash metal mainstream, and was their first album to enter the Billboard 200, reaching number 145 on ...
John Connelly (musician) - Nuclear Assault II 1986-1993
... aural experience, but also managed to introduce Nuclear Assault's dark sense of humor with an ode to Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil (fresh off his vehicular manslaughter rap) on "Butt Fuck" (later ... In the late 1980s John received his most media attention as Nuclear Assault became one of the most popular Thrash Metal bands of the 80s ... The album "Handle with Care" released by Nuclear Assault in 1989 is a highly regarded Thrash Metal release ...

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